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Seconding the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack, if only for #1 Crush. I still love that song.

The Crow is my favorite movie of all time, and I love its soundtrack just as much. Stone Temple Pilots' 'Big Empty' is the perfect track for a moody, rainy day. Nine Inch Nails' cover of 'Dead Souls' is top-notch and The Cure? What else can I say? I can listen to this from start to end.

...I love the sequel to The Crow: City of Angels' soundtrack too, but not the movie. The movie is awful, but I bought the soundtrack just for Hole's cover of 'Gold Dust Woman'.

Speaking of bad movies with great soundtracks, Queen of the Damned is another one I love. KoRn, Orgy, Disturbed, Dry Cell, the Deftones, Static-X? Scratches my 'edgy 90's kid' itch just right.

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Ugh, The Crow’s soundtrack is epic. I’m going to have to compile a part 2 one day because there are so many I forgot to include!!

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